I’m here at Common Grounds grooving to Phil Collins after a good night with the BF. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks he might offend me. I’ve learned to let him lead as he has cultivated that unreadable look well. Next week present giving madness begins.

I didn’t ask for anything.

In truth, I could not think of anything that I wanted that wasn’t mucho expensive. It’s unfair to ask for such so I just let it go. I find, for me, it’s much more fun to give gifts. I get to shop, buy and award. It appeals to my sense of self. Besides he didn’t ask for anything either, but I was crafty and found his wish list on Amazon. I know he checks what he’s getting (that hidden received button). The fun will be in finding out I bought it for him. At least for me anyway. My parents/grandparents lifted the gift giving ban on me, but when they asked what wanted I balked and ended up asking for a new TV and help tiling my bathroom floor. I got the TV early from the grandparents. My parents tried to get it first but my Grandparents got there first. That should take care of gift giving for the next year or two.

Having a BF who likes to celebrate has been a new thing. It’s fun, I actually got to celebrate my birthday this year. It was the first time it wasn’t just me celebrating since I was a senior in high school. Spending time with BF has be the highlight of the year. I’ve never been so comfortable with someone.

I had to go buy lotion. I’ve finally used up all the samples and threw out all the travel sizes that were past the expiration date, or if not were just not satisfactory. Thus marks the first time in my life I have to buy lotion for myself. Well okay. My daughter has her sparkle melon and I have my big bottle of tropical (RE: Pina Colada) Suave. Now I need a travel size. I loved the kiwi stuff I had for awhile but that is hard to find. I went to the store last night and found some nice lavender stuff and got myself some Olay stuff. The smell reminds me of my paternal grandmother.

Off to write!

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