The earth. Fire and water. The veiled world in balance. This is probably the most straight forward Sephiroth. It’s veiled colors make sense. It just is.

And yet it is this other thing which I cannot describe. The resolution in Earth. The extremes…tarot easily fits in this and paganism too.

It’s not a justification though. Qabalah is just a pagan thing. I don’t think the paths will convince me otherwise.

Writers are not considered part of the larger ecosystem. Creativity and art are afforded little value in today’s corporate culture. It’s a lie, of course writers are everywhere. Our work is ever-present yet our role remains unconsidered. The written word is a powerful support structure, and it’s everywhere you look. Magazines, billboards, instruction manuals, marketing copy, and, oh, I dunno, the entire Internet. Nearly everything begins with the written word, and yet, despite this significant contribution, writers and other creatives exist as a marginalized group. Further, our support system is eroding.Chuck Wendig






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