My carboy’s came last night. So now I have my very own set of moonshine jugs.

I immediately began the sanitization, and boiling of watersOne pot for sanitization, one pot for the must. when I remembered the cat in the ceiling.

Pepper, the cat who hates all people had been stuck in my ceiling for a week. She was desperately hungry and thirsty, and only last night was she desperate enough to get close to me.

So I grabbed her. Which meant she dug in. I pulled. Which meant she started screaming. Aia began crying. Which meant the other cats started crying. I yanked and she came flying to the floor in a cloud of insulation. Well almost to the floor. First she managed to hook all her claws in both my elbows before falling the rest of the way.

For the record, she landed on her belly.

So after cleaning up the blood and dust I began sanitizing again. I make the must, added the oranges, spices and finally the yeast.

It has begun to bubble.

I have mead making itself in my closet. Yeah!

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