So I started metformin this weekend.

I got the message on Friday that despite my ultrasound coming back clean…I should start the medication immediately.

Saturday came the expected intestinal side effect…but so far no recurrence. I can’t have alcohol…I need to lay off the sugar.

I lost 7 lbs over the weekend. Probably due to Saturday’s purge…still….

I found my Body for Life book so I started weight training again as of last Wednesday. I hurt so bad that I skipped Friday…total suck.

So tonight I’ll do legs and abs. Either after Dnd or before heroes…depending if the game goes off or not.

Sigh. I wish I knew more.

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6 responses to “Medication”

  1. Becca Avatar

    *hugs* I simpythize with the Metformin adjustment. I’m about to get my first refill and set up an appointment for my 7 week follow up.

    Now the diet begins as the doc didn’t want me to change anything for the first 7 weeks I was on it, to make sure that it was doing what it is hoped it will do.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Today I’m having dizzy spells after I eat. And I was good…lowfat cheese, turkey, small potatoes and veggies…and one persimmon. I think I’m just going to have unsweetened chocolate milk for dinner then go exercise. Since the game is on it will probably be late but worth it.

  3. Becca Avatar

    Argh…. I had a response typed and then screwed up with the question.. le sigh.

    This dizzy spells tapered off for me. Now on top of PCOS it looks like I may be or am Lactose intolerant. Get to swear off Dairy completely for 2 weeks and see what happens.

    Once get this puzzle piece sorted out it is a matter of finding a diet plan thar works for me and that I’ll stick to. The latter piece being the hardest part.

  4. Michelle Avatar

    I don’t have to worry about the lactose intolerance party luckily.

    Making sure I have proteins at every meal is killing me though…since it can’t always be cheese.

  5. Becca Avatar

    At this point I’ve been taken off the Metformin. Was released from the hospital on Nov. 10th. Have Auto-Immune hepatitis with stage 3 fibrosis. No more con drinking fun stuff for Becca, was almost on my way to the transplant list. The Silver Dragon, work and many things have been put on terminal holding pattern status… what fun. Will catch up later – hope all is well!!!


  6. Michelle Avatar

    Gah Becca. You’re in my thoughts.

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