Meeting Places and Teaching Children

Tarot Geeks is looking for a new meeting space. Anyone got any ideas. Why is it so hard to find a meeting place in Denver?


I wanted to mention a few things. As some may know I’m bringing my daughter up pagan. Finding stuff for kids is still a fairly hard thing to do. Many pagan picture books are NOT kid oriented at all. But I did find Raven Grimassi’s Hidden Path cards and Well Worn path cards great for a flash card approach. I removed cards that have nothing to do with our faith (these are Wiccan oriented…not being wiccan there were a few I just took out). We keep these in the car and my daughter goes through them as we drive around.

Mythology coloring books are nothing new. We found a few I liked that she enjoys reading and coloring. I also found a Wicca coloring book that had some nifty things for pagan kids in general.

I buy her tarot decks and things for her little jewelry box altar. She participates in group when she feels like it…but she’s volunteering to do so more and more.

It’s alot of fun.

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Outline: Dreamfire
[In Science Fiction] You’re going to have to spend some time with a couple of good resources to find out the difference between a white dwarf and a red giant. (In a fantasy novel, a white dwarf and a red giant are probably best of buddies and will have many wonderful adventures together.)David Gerrold






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