Melding Worlds Cause I Can

It’s funny, when I first realized I had more than one novel idea I thought they were all in different worlds.

Now as I work on my projects, that isn’t true. There are two separate worlds but only those two…and one is a mega world which encompasses over 7 novel ideas. Some are just name and places right now. Two are ½ way written . 1 is 75% done in an odd way. I technically almost have chapter 5 done…but that was chapter six a month ago…and beside Ronyn (Hencefore Raine) really does have that evil streak that I was (yeah for passive past tense) having trouble writing.

I got 2000 words in today. Chapter 5 is almost done, for real this time. Just about every chapter has 2-5 scenes already done. That’s why I say 75% done even though my little progress bar over there hasn’t appeared to move in over a year.

Now if ywriter 3/4 would just get done already so I wouldn’t fear working in it.

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Outline: Dreamfire
Christ died and Christmas was born!Misguided Japanese poster trying to sell the Passion of the Christ at Christmastime.






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