Memory, Weight and Ability

Today’s scale: 167lbs. I have 7lbs to loss to my next goal, which is 160lbs by next doctor’s visit. I’m so gonna make it!

I can say I’m firmly in the 160’s now. I’ll have to buy new clothes for winter…I’m still pretty set for summer.

The short story is still delayed. I’m told it will be published this month…sometime. Think good thoughts.

I’ve been working on the novel…mostly trying to flesh out some new characters that have shown up. I’m giving up on software for tracking my world…I’m rebuilding a set of folders for this. Nothing else but that which ywriter can handle seems to work.

So on I go.

I’m getting to the age where I’m realizing that I’ve forgotten things. I saw a preview for an anime which looked really good…but when I looked it up I saw I’d already seen it. This is why I keep lists.

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