Monkey Ball

I get a short story published and my sister is worried about Monkey Ball. I worry about monkey ball too…but that’s beside the point.

My short story, Sacred Space, will be published in Transmitter, an online SF anthology for Illusion TV.

The new job is keeping me busy…but with more time at home. This means I’ll have rework the schedule again. My meds are stable so waking early isn’t a problem any more as it was the last time I had a near to home job. However a year with the commute from hell has seriously messed up my inner clock as to the workings of the real world. I’m adjusting to more time…and yet less time to play.

Having options again is great…and since December I’ve been re-evaluating how I want to spend my time. I want to do the same things…but I want to do them different ways. So far so good, of course there are kinks. But I like Lola.

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Outline: Dreamfire
Christ died and Christmas was born!Misguided Japanese poster trying to sell the Passion of the Christ at Christmastime.







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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    HEY!!! 🙂 Monkey Ball fun, me likey it… you’ll have to put a link up when it’s published.

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