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Over the WaterYay! Site redesign! NaNo Procrastination!

I bent the 2011 theme to my needs. I wanted a new header picture to base the color scheme around, so I made one in Vue 9. I’ve gotten more of the render settings down and spent a lot of time sculpting each mountain and rock. Last, I sculpted some wake to trigger the shore effect in vue and give some more disturbance to the water. I also created a aurora but took it out because it bumped the render time from 6 hours to 58 hours. I added the trailing red in Painter 12.

Themes in WordPress have gotten more versatile. I like the on-the-fly formats and easy settings. I still mucked with the code to get what I wanted out of it. It really has evolved and for me, the best solution for most website needs.

I got an invite to Glitch, an in browser mmo, where you learn a trade, and take care of the world. That game sucked an hour out of me today.

And it’s NaNo. I still have revisions to finish but I’ll get my word count up there!

A person in danger should not try to escape at one stroke. He should first calmly hold his own, then be satisfied with small gains, which will come by creative adaptations.I Ching





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