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Despite being derailed by kidney stones this weekend…I did manage to get on with the Wii Fit._,___

You release new games and exercises by the time you spend exercising, not how good you are. That’s a relief because I do the step aerobics like a pixie on percacet…all tripping and confusion and the screaming. It isn’t pleasant. Fun, but silly. After missing for four days the Wii Fit board told me that it missed me…which was nice…then told me that I won’t loose weight not exercising for so long. I did mange to loose .5lbs in those four days. That’s good. Of course we registered my daughter too and you can see her chart compared to mine.

Besides unlocking new games and exercises you also unlock reps and advancements. I managed to get to 10-30 reps unlocked on each strength exercise. The emphasis is on form though and the balance board uses meters that you have balance on to make sure you have it right. The trainer on the yoga and strength exercises will talk you through everything every time and use a whistle so you don’t have to look at the screen. The running is differently every time.

The board does not have to face the screen or be a certain distance away. That’s good because I have very little room. I move the board to where it needs to be for each exercise. There is a demo for each of the strength and yoga poses…but you only see automatically the first time. After that you have to choose demo if you forgot what you’re doing.

The body test ends with a balance tests. Two actually that the game chooses randomly each time. Yesterday I did the step in place one for the first time. I walk pretty good. 🙂

I’ve started keeping my yoga blocks out for the yoga poses since I still can’t bend to full advance. I put the matt on the floor as well. All in all it’s working pretty good.

Oh…Wii uses a Fit age indicator (the same as Wii Play) but it means diddly. It’s based on your actual age and how you do on the balance tests. So far I’ve been 51, 26, and 25…it really doesn’t seem to mean much at all.

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