So I’m hard a work on Chapter nine when I realized that I don’t know the main characters reason for doing what she ultimately does…it’s not for love but then why?

What drives some one to do something horrendous? This is the part where I put Day Night Day Night on my netflix list. Still why would she do this? She’s not from the country she’s going to fight for…there is no religion per se. One night she makes a decision, she frees a prisoner and leaves with him.

I know why the guy goes…he thinks they are in the right, he loves the woman…and he’s under oath to protect her, to watch her. The prisoner is a zealot…freedom at all costs…he also has an inflated sense of survivability. But the girl…

I think it’s the voices. She doesn’t fit in, she can’t go home…she can either fit into the being carved for the square peg, living in solitude and confinement…or she can do something. She can fight the thing in her head…maybe even do some good for the land she’s living it. The folks who took her in don’t trust her. She has nothing to loose.

Oh she thinks she has something to gain…a life with a man…crazy though he may be. She isn’t thinking beyond that. She’s all about the making it right later sort.

Okay I can run with that.

Missing something though….

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