Must Have Zombie Contingency Plan and other Torn Pages

Sigh…yes that is much better (see end of post)

Every writer has one. A box or two of old paper filled with scribblings and bad type.

There are old ideas, manuscripts with no electronic copies, leaflets of I can salvage this, napkins, old ruled, journals, etc…

At some point you move and more things get put in the box. Sometimes you just throw the whole lot out.

Sometimes you go through it. Which is what I’m doing now. I discovered one box was just junk and threw it out. However the next box was full of little gems. So now I’m going through it slowly, pulling out old ideas, and transforming what I once thought was glittered gold to torn pages.

I’m determined to make all my boxes disappear one day. I still need to clean the garage this summer (tick tock). I’ve got some toy boxes in my bedroom closet that I hand out like little jewels to Aia as she grows older. One box of mini’s stuff. And all that sewing that I need to finish.

I need to get back to doing that on movie nights.

I’m still on Chapter 10. I can get them to the town on the way and to the town they need to be at…but how does one start a rebellion? Research, research, research.

I have devised a silly game that will give you the reign in decades for kings. I’ve been using it to develop some time line stuff. It in itself passes the time.

All you need is the Windows solitaire game. Well, you have to be able to win at solitare. If you can’t there is no help for you.

So open up solitare (start, games, solitare). Play a game and win.

Now as the kings start bouncing count the bounces. Each bounce equals ten years. The height equals success in the reign, the fastness is how he died (the faster the more spectacular). If they just jump off the screen right away, well they didn’t make it 10 years did they?

It’s no use going past the kings…unless you have an old 3.1 computer where the bouncing was done extremely slow. If your quick you can get screen shots for later reference.

I make up little stories too, about each of the cards and how they get in their places when. Mostly it goes in the form of a horse race. I did the same thing with chess as a child.

What? My imagination gets the better of me most times.

Should I make the Thoughts pages Yet another word press powered page? Makes it very easy to update. I’ve got several articles to stick up there…..

But yes, the site is shaping up. I’ve still got the header to fix on all pages, and some of the newer templated pages. The quotes are working and will be fixed. The Contact Us page is fixed(so you can contact me…La Vegas and spam need not apply). The main menu works on all pages (links coming soon to the new stuff). I’ve still got graphics to fix and pages to put up. New reviews, new recipes and such coming up.

It just looks tight. I don’t feel like I have all this space to fill up.

I’m happy to report that the second disc of season one of Bab 5 is much better. There was more quiet watching, less snide remarks. We’ve decided that ms. telepahy has got to go and that her gift should have been to remove all physic powers from this universe. But we see the plot points forming now all is good.

But what about the title? Why yes, it was what every woman looks for in a mate.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.Thomas Mann






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