My Ears Hurt

This stupid sinus infection is kicking my ass. All I want is to have something hot to drink. Not coffee, I want tea.

I’m not supposed to have normal tea (kidney stones)…but maybe I can find an herbal blend that mimics my beloved black tea. Monday I spoiled myself at Seven Cups with a large pot of Rose Black. Bad Michelle.

Today I over sugared. I get Starbucks because I like it. I quit the Chai (sniff, feel my pain) and switched to white mochas…but it’s becoming very migrainly clear that this is killing me. The sugars (not good carbs) are coming from fruit, rice and beans right now (mostly rice and beans in the form of Mochi). I do okay on that in moderation…but the Starbucks is sending me over the edge. Must quit.

So herbal tea recommendations everyone. The other Jeff at work rescued my tea cup from behind the desk. Proper Jeff doesn’t drink tea, just coffee, other Jeff drinks neither. So no recommendations there.

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