Nearly Lost

I nearly lost my dog last night. whin2009

This year we lost two pets (J. will say one since he doesn’t like cats). I found Seren dead in the snow…apparently liver failure…an old problem that came back. And Dagny got bone cancer. Halloween night we almost lost Whinnie, not to disease, but because she likes people.

She’ll go with anyone, anyone. The joke is that she’d try to make friends with a mountain lion. So we left for the NaNo kick off party last night; I patted her on the head and we left. J. noticed she was missing when he brought Ragnar in from then back yard. He went out looking for her then called me, thinking I took her with me. We raced home, M. and I and I really bawled. Really. She probably jumped out with some trick or treaters after we left. I don’t think anyone took her from the yard. I hope not.

I grabbed the electric lantern we had and M came with me as we walked the neighborhood calling her name and whistling. We skipped this one street because we thought we saw something. As we swung around we realize it was a cat if anything. So I led us back around to go up the street we left. We came across a party that was breaking up. A group in an old Landrover called out to us.

“Hey, did you lose a dog? A black pug?”

And they produced Whinnie from the back seat. I don’t where they were going with her but the said something about planning to come back to the neighborhood the next day and post flyers. I was so glad to have her back I didn’t ask disturbing questions about why they were leaving with her or how long they had her or how they had found her.

So the pug is fine. I still have two dogs and two cats. And when this adrenaline rush finally drops I’m going to very very sorry.

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