No Man’s Sky: Survival on a Toxic Planet

The first thing I met in No Man’s Sky was something akin to a Pug.

I started on the toxic planet of Iroksta Vudbok. Since I got the preorder bonus ship, I started with that (no I don’t know how to build a hyperdrive, but I hear doing a few jumps and not buying a new ship till I do is the way to go.) but it was broken. So I kind of panicked a bit as acid rain came down and depleted my life support and shielding.

First Lesson: you can save yourself by jumping into your broken ship and sitting there til you figure shit out.

It took about fifteen minutes to figure out that I needed to press and hold the buttons for most commands on the PS4. I don’t like having to move the stick about, but after awhile, I was fine. And the first thing I did? Claim Iroksta Vudbok for my own. That gave me 8,000 units (money). It took me much longer to figure out that waypoints have great space junk and give you more money to when you discover them. The very last thing I did was figure out that L2 let me do the same with animals, plants, and minerals. But that was the last thing, after figuring out how to repair myself, my ship, and heading out.

Second Lesson: Caves are your awesome friends.

Caves gave me shelter and let my shielding refill. Caves had Iron and Carbon and sometime Zinc. This allowed me to get to waypoints, monoliths, and things that taught me Kayax words.

Which is good cause then I met some Kayax.

They download into their bodies and can change. Thing is though, if you don’t have what they want, or miss understand them you can piss them off. And you don’t have a choice.

Third Lesson: Get used to pissing off aliens.

I never harvested too much so the bots left me alone. There were other sources of pain. Cliffs. It took me awhile to figure out how to use the rocket pack not to get hurt from falls. So I started harvesting, searching debris, and alien homes.


Like any RPG, you must click everything. This got me health, repaired my suit, and got me a ton of money. Money is good, cause at alien outposts and space stations there are aliens to trade with, terminals to buy stuff, and, this is important, any ship that lands you can possibly trade with that alien and buy their ship.

Finally I managed to find enough zinc to repair my thrusts. So I took off. Then Atlas felt the need to tell me I could boost by hitting L2 and R2 at the same time. This sent me pellmell into and asteroid field and I nearly hit a planet.

Fifth Lesson: Contrary to many Star Wars fanboy myths, flying around an astroid field it really hard when you’re going that fast.

Sixth Lesson: L2 is stop.

I managed to get a warp core and have gotten to my second planet (I plan to look at all five planets in this system before leaving). Landing on the space station was tricky.

That’s pretty much what I did in the first day. It was just a amazing as I expected. There are 18 quintillion planets out there, and in the first day, humans discovered over 10 million species. If exploration is your type of game, this may be for you. That doesn’t count puzzles (eat the buzzing flies, dammit) I did, or the millions of things that are showing up I haven’t had time to do yet.

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