No Serenity for You!

I have in my hands the final Serenity adventure for this series that I’m writing. I didn’t intend for the story to go this way but when you put your characters at the whim of other people to act out you have to go with the flow. The last group at Tacticon was too spectacular to ignore.

So it’s the end of the Winding Leaf…but is it the end of my writing Serenity modules?

Well no.

There probably won’t be one for Bencon…odds are that the con will be Memorial day weekend or the weekend after…and I’ll be in Mexico. I might be able to show for one day (or night depending on when it’s held) but I’d rather play if I could. So the continuation of my Serenity adventures will have to wait for the next Tacticon.

VD has come and gone. It was wonderful. J. cooked an excellent meal, and gave me chocolate and roses (I’m easy). I have him tangerine jelly bellies, his favorite. Couldn’t find the grape taffy though I tried.

It was just such a nice night.

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