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Last Saturday I hurt my back. The details are still unclear but now I have a constant pain monkey. The doctor has me on observation for two weeks. I’m on a 4 pill dose of Advil and a two pill dose of Doans every day. The doctor wanted me on Percoset but I wanted to be coherant. I quit Curves and started a diet. Blah. The last diet my doctor put me on was a protein shake diet. It was way to gross. So we talked about it and now I’m eating ceral twice a day.

I haven’t eaten cereal since grade school. I don’t like milk, and most cereal is way nasty. The nutriion person I talked to told me to do corn flakes of some time with 150 calories or less per serving with fatfree milk.

Then I remembered Mexico.

When I lived in Mexico, the family I stayed with kept two condiments on the table: Salsa and Chocolate. Mexican chocolate is this grainy mixture of cocoa beens, cinnomon and sugar. In the States we can find it in the Mexican ilse under the brand name Abuelita. (Little Grandma) Everymorning, I had a bowl of corn flakes with milk. On each bowl when two table spoons of chocolate.

It was num.

Hoping that my childhood memories weren’t wrong I bought special k with fruit and yogurt, fat free milk, and some mexican chocolate.

It was num at 135 calories per serving. I can so do this. Tonight I’m going through my yoga stuff to see what I can do with a hurt back. I’ve maintained my weight for a year and a half. I’ve got a lot of muscle. I don’t want to loose it. Which I easily could with the thyroid thing.

That’s been the highlight of my week so far. Well, except for the cuddle session with J. Those are always nice.

My lame excuse for a job has taken an odd twist. I can’t remember if I wrote about the guy they promoted, who makes a lot more than I do, and who is doing my job pre-September 05. This lady isn’t stupid. They have me training him on everything I’ve done here for the past two years. All my responsiblities have been taken away from me except data entry and orders. (Which I hate.) When the new system gets put in, circa July 1st. I’ll be down to orders. Of course the office manager can do orders and so will the new guy once I’m asked to train him. So what will I be needed for? I don’t know which is sadder, that I’m still here or that he doesn’t know he’s a secretary yet. He thinks he’s in a whole new position but then is constantly surprised to find that the work they assign him is done and been getting done for two years by me.

Absolute Write was taken down last night. Barabara Bauer, scammer agent extrodinaire, got the plug pulled through the ISP. She scammed the ISP in shutting them down. Of course the ISP girl is apparently a Publish America author, so she scams easily. I hope they find a new isp soon.

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