Not So Shopping

We woke up to a hot and rainy Christmas morning. We opened presents, J’s mom gave me a lovely amber necklace. Other wise the day was lazy. After lunch we napped, then got ready for Christmas dinner at the clubhouse…it’s a nice restaurant on the beach. Aia had the turkey; I had the fish with the yucca frittatas. It was really good. We had some excellent flan for desert. Aia through a complete fit and may be banned from the pool for the rest of the trip. We’re seeing how she does today.

We visted J.’s sister. Here house wasn’t very well take care of since she’s bed ridden. It was depressing and I managed to keep my mouth shut. Her current malady is what I have…I had to try hard not so say, “You wouldn’t have so many problems if you took the correct medication”, but she’s more interested in the symptoms then the actual disease. She had all her medications…tables full of them…out in full view. It was insane.

We watched a Mr. Moto movie last night. That was interesting. Great story, great sets horrible acting. It was fun though.

Today I woke up late. J. made arrapas for breakfast while the others were out walking. The ocean tide is high this week and the seas to rough for swimming even if they are warm.

D., J’s dad decided to take us “shopping”. He took us to the local supermarket…which mostly had things from the U.S. I doubt I’ll get to do any real shopping. J’s parents don’t seem to know anything about the local markets here. There is a big desparity between the elit status of the locals and the percarious status of the turisimo transplant. They don’t mix except in certain circumstances. As a consequence there are no general markets like in Mexico. It’s a shame. Hopfully there will be some stores at the airport where we’ll be able to get something.

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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Ugh, I have “victims” – the people who bitch about the problems and don’t want to do anything about it. It is hard to NOT say something… Fortunately I’ve managed to get some of them out of my life 🙂

  2. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Errr… I meant to say *hate* victims…

  3. Michelle Avatar

    Oh good, for a moment there I thought you were keeping them in the basement.

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