Nourishing my Inner Gamer

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule all!

The majority of my gifts this year have been video games. Yeah me. My inner gamer has been horribly malnourished. I’ve been busy, so very little Wii or Playstation time and my computer has only been functional for about a week. This week, with little distraction, I sat down to some serious gaming.

Okay maybe not so serious. I’m trying to finish up My Life as King. My city is built and happy…I just have to wait till the adventurers get their act together and finish the damn game. I admit playing a game from the town you normally loot then ignore in an rpg game is interesting.

I’m drooling over Fable II which I’ve been watching as my sister and the FNG play. But I noticed that it was very similar to Spore. M. found me Fable I for Christmas. So last night I looked at my games and decided to install Black & White 2. Lionhead Studio’s Black and White I & Creatures Isle were loads of fun, if repetitive. BW2 looks like more of the same, with better graphics and more wars…I’m okay with that. But I made the connection. LS made BW, Fable and their engine is also used in Spore. Makes sense since they went from EA’s hands to Microsoft’s. When Fable II comes out for PC I’m so buying it.

I’m trying to ration myself (re: finish the games before I move on.) The list has gotten surprisingly small. Must finish Kingdom Hearts, FF9, Mario Galaxy, My Life as King. That’s it. Okay I guess you could count Omikron as a game I started but didn’t finish. But I’d have to start over…if ever. I love the sound track (Bowie..mmm). I have many more games I’ve never played at all, but not many old ones. Got to do that.

Spore is actually running nicely now with the latest patch. I take that back…it’s running like a dream. I’m playing through the tribal stage in slow progression. I managed to get myself killed pretty quick…twice.

I wanna shout at these kids to log off my e-lawn.Real Life Comics







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