Obama and His Invocation, Estrogen in Lotion, Debt and my Computer

Have nothing really in common.

First I’d like to talk about Obama and Rick Warren. Does everyone seem to forget that Obama is against gay marriage? Or that many of the things Rick Warren stands for (even the book), Obama has said he also stands for? This isn’t a shock, folks.

Estrogen is apparently in a lot of lotions and cosmetics. This sucks pretty hard. If you want to figure out if the things you are using have this issue: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ is the place to go.

Names to look for:


Placental Extracts
Uses and Estrogenicity: Placental extracts may be contaminated with estrogens called estradiol or estrone. Placental extracts are used in relatively few personal care products, including hair conditioners, facial moisturizers and astringents.

Names to look for:

Placental Extract
Placental Extracts

So the first of my medicals bills has gone to collections. Crap. The amount stated on the collections isn’t what I owe…I’ve been sending this company money each month. When I look through the past bills I realized that they are all different amounts and none of them repeat. Damn it. I’ve been calling this company for months and they never answer, or return calls. I call the collections agency and they are willing to work with me. Sigh.

Some where in Denver my new computer is sitting on a Fedex truck. I’ll get it today. Since I can’t afford a new computer…I really hope this one works.

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