Odd Thoughts

Things are swirling about me.

I’ve got to finish a lot of things before thursday. None of these are work related, as I’ve been regulated to the receptionist position againt. I answer phones, I have no idea what’s going on and a fill my time by taking orders and putting them into the system. Everything I was reponsible for has been redistributed to others in the company, either in the form of teaching the vp’s to do their own crap or our new no-so-much-secretary. We get a shiney new intern in June. He’s going to be doing reports, for the company.

So here’s me, the report guru. Who knows the system inside and out, with no enough to do.

In fact all my reports have been taken away from me.

Must remember to take those personal hours before they fire me.

This weekend was fun. My back cleared up much. It tingles a bit now and then but nothing like the week before. That made for a fun holiday. I drove J.’s cadillac (me, driving a cadi…dear lord who put the devil in charge) on Monday because he wanted to drink at the party. That was weird. On the way home se discussed the too-big house that his friends live in. In this otherwise innocent discussion he said something odd. “My house is plenty for me and I have no reason to ever move. Unless certain circumstances arise.” He paused there. I let it wash. It doesn’t mean anything but the conversation kind of stopped there as I roared down a sem-wet I-25.

Things were quiet and we enjoyed the ride.

I’m finishing up my Serenity module. I’ve just got to write the descriptors for the encounters, then put the background for the PC’s out of my head onto paper. I’ve got 48 hours. In that time I must, go shopping, pay the bills, do laundry, pack and gods I’m forgetting something. Work on Becca’s site, well yeah. Writing. Not till June. I’ve taken the damn month off. Had to. Sticking to that. (Besides I still have two stories out yet).

Now for some quizzy goodness:

You scored as 9th Doctor. Running from the past but deadly when faced with it you where leather jackets and will fight to the end.

9th Doctor
1st Doctor
a Dalek
3rd doctor
8th Doctor
4th Doctor
2nd doctor
6th doctor
10th Doctor
5th Doctor
7th Doctor

What Doctor Who character are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

Then look! Garden picture:



Stole that idea from Wendy.  My purple passion roses bloomed red this year.  Don’t ask me why roses change color, but they do. 

So then this week is Bencon.  I’ll be AWOL for the next several days.  Well maybe.  This hotel claims free wifi.  We’ll see. 


No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.George S. Patton







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