Of Cleanliness

Wieght In: 188

Yeah me! Two Pounds! And when I sit the side fat is almost gone!

yeah me!

I tried to take pictures of my minis but (sniff) my camera does not have a macro setting. I can adjust the aperature but no good on the focus. Damn. I know a nikon does this…but I just got the kodak. I’m going to truck my minis to DAWSP on Sat. to see if Wendy’s camera will work. I hope so.

I cleaned this weekend. At my house general pick up. I finally understand why you have to clean before a maid comes. It’s sad but true…there are things they just won’t do. Like litter. Or clean the floor if there is stuff on it, including pet messes. My grandparents helped me trim trees in the yard…so the maple is looking respectable again. I have three elms growning the back…I’ll have to trims those soon and the male cherry (Red leaves, white spray flowers, no fruit) has been doing very well.

On Sunday, J. and I cleaned his garage so that he could get his old fridge in there. It’s been sitting on the back porch but work a little to well. It freezes everything on the low setting. Great for beer, bad for veggies. So we cleaned. It took a lot of sweeping and pryinng but it got done. While there are other things that can be done…it now looks clean and has a fridge. That felt good. I mentioned that we should tackle his room-of-no-return at some point. I had already been making slow inroad each time I go in there. A can here, a bottle of wine there, ant poison way over here. He bought some new book shelves this weekend so his upstairs room of semi return will be getting a clean out. Less boxes. Oh we cleaned the porch a bit too. He has a great house, it just needs some fix up. No, not a woman’s touch (J. has a sparse but nice taste), it really needs fix up. It’s not falling down but it has been beaten (he bought it that way). Still he has pride and every time he accoplishes a little more in that house I can see it in him. It makes me happy to see it. Win-Win.

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