Of Mice and Men

Things at my job never go as planned.

Like this month. With only five workdays left in the month, the PTB have decided to start remodeling my office area on Tuesday (the second to last day of the month).

Therefore, I have lost two days and have to move my office to a hallway for gods knows how long.

Then the president says that I can leave early on Friday…if I get wines done. (Cinderella moment!!) I made it under the wire, leaving my partner to herself for the last hour.

I’m going to try send out Temptation again on Monday. I’ve polished it a bit more and I think I’ve found a market that I feel better about.

I’m not going to make nano. I’ve gotten a lot further this year, and after I finish Without Honor, I’ll come back to Between Kingdoms.

It was a very productive November.

But December looms. Paul in his infinite stupidity broke my tree last year. He was made that I was leaving it up (It wasn’t 12th night yet, dammit) and took the whole tree decorations and all, and stuffed them in the box.

So the day after Thanksgiving I had a brave moment and pulled everything out. Then I went to Wal-Mart. They had a colored, pre-lighted tree for only $30. It’s a six-footer (taller than my last one) and very pretty. The dog loves it (in a good way).

Then I tackled my bedroom. I have two comforters that I don’t like. Yesterday, I realized I don’t have to use them. So I put purple sheets on the bed. Purple, green and blue pillowcases. Green, white and purple top sheets. Then I pulled out a wool blanket from Mexico done in greens and a leather and sheep’s wool (also green) blankets.

Now I have a bed I want, and it looks good with the embroidered rose curtains.

Next organization, tiling of bathroom.

Then floors and new living room furniture.

Living goodness.

Aia comes home tomarrow. For her Birthday, I’ve unearthed the entire Hamtaro line of toys I bought for a steal several years ago. I set up the whole set on her dress. That should be fun.

Without Honor: Day 14: Three Part Story Evolution (word count suspended for November).
Temptation: Preparing for Re-sumission (again)
Mistaken: Submitted

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