Of Sun and Towers

My expectations for this week were to finish the major revisions on my novel, talk about that process, then start the (re)outline for the next novel. That’s still coming. Maybe next week. This turned into a different sort of beast.

My nearly five year old nephew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this last Tuesday. It, as apparently most of these diagnosis’ do, came suddenly. My sister was called from his preschool to pick him up. He proceed to fall deeper and deeper into lethargy during the day. She took him to the hospital and they ended up at Children’s with an Insulin drip.

After a day and half they let him out to go to classes for diabetics. We all went with to offer moral support and learn how to take care of him when he was in our care. The pattern is working itself out. The shots and tests are painless or nearly so, and he is taking it well. Management isn’t easy but he’s adjusting. They have a 24 hour emergency line for support no matter when you need it, he’s assigned a doctor, a nurse, a dietitian and a social worker, he got to pick out a bracelet and he gets to show kids his “kit”.

Being me, I wasn’t really angry about it like the parents and the grandparents. Hey, I’m the gal with 3 chronic conditions. I wish I got the support my nephew is getting. I’ve been through the stages of grief with myself. For my nephew I’m just going to have to be damage sponge. Am I scared for him? Hell, yes. But at the same time by caring for him and listening to him and his mom when they need it, I can help ensure (as much as anyone can) he’ll live 100 more years or so.

He’s a good kid, not into candy and soda, loves lunch meat, cheese, and fruit (some veggies). I’m sure he’ll be okay. I’ve seen him go from lethargic to vibrant in the space of a workday. He’ll do.

So forgive me if I’m a little behind. Gotta deal with the sun and tower first.

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