Oh Bugger…

I switched to yWriter3 over the summer. I love it. It has a few bugs…namely that it currently doesn’t give the total word count on the bottom of the screen…but I can get that in the chapter list or in the goal screen. So no biggie.

However a bug from yWriter2 came back to haunt me. Yes, it has happened before. Apparently before I converted yWriter2 had removed scene’s 16-26 and the evolution file from the ywp file.

Of course all the scenes are still in the ywriter2 file. But I can’t seem to get ywriter3 to import them…sigh. So in they go by hand…that’s nearly 30,000 words.

They might have been moved to the yWriter3 folder…but I’m not sure on the file structure yet to find the….there are a lot more files with 3 then 2.

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Outline: Dreamfire
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