Oh My God My Butt Hurts

Snot has died. This is depressing on a lot of levels. He and Puke have been a mainstay of my Ren Fair going for many years. We got to see one of (if not his last) show here in Colorado. I happened to have recorded it. Really glad I bought that camera.

My Wii Fit regimen has been 1 hour 3 days a week. 30 min of strength or yoga, then 30 min of cardio…usually free step. And my butt hurts. And my leg. owoowowowowowo.

But bitching aside…the diet is working…four days and it works. I’ve lost 7 lbs so far this week. 7. If I make at this pace I will reach my next before doctor goal by Tacticon.

Tonight I’m running Greyhawk. I’m a sorry SOB that gives in to begging but he sounded so pitiful. I’m even sorry I can’t be more flexible about it. Greyhawk is almost over. Should be interesting.

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