Okay I take that back.

I turned down one of the warehouse guys yesterday for a date this weekend. There was no attraction for me.

I tried to be nice about it. After all the awkward questions about weekend plans:

“Can I get your number?”
“Would you like mine?”
“No, thank you.” Wan smile.

He’s a nice guy, but all we have in common is that we grew up in the same county, which doesn’t say much for his values. Summit is not what you call a wholesome place to grow up.

I got my first no chemsitry close on eHarmony too. We didn’t open any communication. That picture. I got rid of the really bad picture and got a much better one up. I also put up a free profile on yahoo. I never thought of officiall advertising myself before.

It’s still weird.

I found out that the maker of Ywriter is going to include character bio and goal sheets in the next edition.

I love that man. He’s made the writing process heaven for me.

My writing friend Nicole got her blog up when I wasn’t looking. She showed it to me last weekend. Go take a look.

So if you’ve ever been in a foreign country…check the movies. The American ones. I remember watching Naked Gun 331/3 in Mexico. The movie was hilarious but so were the subtitles. Mostly because they are wrong.

Early anime is like that too. You get very differnt movies from dubbed and subbed. Sometimes with great results.

The point is this. The English subtitles for the chinese version of revenge of the sith. As many have pointed out…most of the movies could have been saved if we all watched them in another language.

Warning: Don’t drink while reading.

I was given a secret shopper assignment at work today. Basically I had to go to a Chili’s and make sure they were pouring the right liquor. They were, but god the drink was sour. Blah. Still if you have time head down while they still have the goat cheese and shrimp quesadillas. Those were all num!

Now that I was wasted I put my contigenticy plan in action. You see, I picked a Chili’s that had a movie theather next door. So more than a little tipsy, I swayed into a showing of Broken Flowers. Bill Murray is really good at these snapshot of life movies. I loved Lost in Translation. This not as much, but it has some great moments.

But now I’m back a the coffee shop working on chapter 10 of that novel. Night all.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Imagine if someone did this to you in real life: You’re walking down the street and bump into a three random guys who invite you to to join in on assault and robbery; offering you a one-quarter stake in everything and a very real chance at severe bodily harm, without bothering to ask for your name or qualifications.

It’s ridiculous. That sort of thing never happens unless you’re in Detroit.Fear the Boot






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