Old Friends Redux, the return of Wii Fit and Steamboat

So I started using Wii Fit again. Just yoga for the time being. It made me so sore…I was happy about that. I’ve only gained a pound since the kidney stones. That’s not that bad…but I need to get back to exercise.

We’re in Steamboat this week with intermittent wifi…so I won’t be on much. I brought my yoga dvd with me…and was shocked that I could do 1/4 modified. That’s a big improvement over 1/2 modified. I is stretchy I is. Speaking of which I’m officially a size 12. I actually have pants that fall off of me. Score!

So I’m in Steamboat…the alpine slide is expensive…9$ per ride. The food is good and the condo is nice. I’ll be back next week.

Another old friend has gotten in touch with me. I’m glad to hear from here. Should be interesting :), if I don’t scare the bejezus out of her. That remains to be seen.

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  1. Queenie Avatar

    You are exactly as I hoped- quirky, questioning and you still have that fab brain I always admired. 🙂

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