On Being Hacked

I’ve been struggling since last summer as my websites have been hacked over and over again. This week came the big one, where they tried a full on take over of all sites. They completely brought down my series bible, nearly erased Denver Fiction Writers, and finally the main site went down completely resulting in a blank page.

I’ve been working for awhile on switching around the site, only waiting on finding a new job, which I did in December. This attack though is speeding up that process. So I expect things may be a bit messy around her for awhile.

The largest problem hasn’t been upgrades…not completely but rather it turns out that WordPress updates don’t always delete files that no longer come with the basic install. So those things have been hanging around since…the early 2000’s I think. On top of that I’ve been holding on to a few plugins I absolutely love…that I probably shouldn’t have…

Lessons learned.

It was a costly lesson. I manged to get all the sites back up and running but it came out of my pocket book to get add protection for the future. A new static site will be going up here soon and the blog will move to a sub address. Less will be run from the blog, with a second host on Github.

Lots of work to do still but I’ve found the culprit, and banned the crap out of their IPs. Here’s hoping.

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