On Being…

It’s raining. And it has been all day.

Colorado usually doesn’t make its Seattle impression this late in the year. In fact the weather has been nuts. It’s not the Colorado I grew up in, but I don’t love it any less.

These day types are some of my favorite. The thoughts creep in as all I want to do is pull my oft not used rocking chair up to a window and read or stair out the window. Or both.

Today, I feel nostalgic. When this happens I don’t follow the normal path of listening to old songs or reading old letters. I google. Why not? It doesn’t always work, sometimes I find people sometimes I don’t. I never contact them or spend more than a moment wondering what if. But I do get a sense of how they are doing and I’m usually satisfied. Oh I don’t do this with people I talk to on a normal basisNormal being within the last year., rather with people I haven’t seen many years. People I knew.

It’s weird, I know but sometimes it’s nice just to see if they are okay.

So another anecdote. My first introduction to the internet was finding out that one of my ex’s had been writing about me. It was bizarre and frightening. Since all you had was text in those days, I didn’t have to suffer pictures. Later I realized he was just getting his feelings out. Something we never discussed.

I’ve lead a bizarre and in some ways, statistical life. I feel that good things are ahead but I’ve learned to check up on people I meet. It’s a scary world too. Hope you all are doing well.

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