On Continuing My Decent into Poverty and Homelessness by 2008

It seems I’m destined to be destitute.

Saturday morning I was work with the Five Year Fantasy Spread in Tarot for Yourself.

The money section needed clarification. In a nut shell:

It’s going to be tight. You’ll have to do this alone. It’s going to change like crazy. But all will work out.

Later that day I ended up with a new car. Monday I ended up with new flooring. They are coming on Thursday…So I have till then to seal the floor, clean up the nicknacks and cage the animals. Woot.

They would not do laminate on the stairs because of liability issues. But they do wood. Go figure.

Please let this work out. Please. Things are moving so fast.

Just once, I wish we would encounter an alien menace that wasn’t immune to bullets.Unknown







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