On the Reading of Harry Potter-Spoiler Update!

There is a reason, a very important one, that Judas is my favorite bible character.

Just wow. It’s the end of an era and in amazing fashion J. K. Rowling rides off into the sunset. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is incredible.

I appreciate the flaws in character. The decisions of toughness. The vindication of Snape was brilliant.

Would you die if you could save everyone? Would you kill?

The Christ parable, is well done but so is the Celtic parable. Even as everyone was yelling, “But their so young!”, you knew it didn’t matter because they were the best equipped.

The soul trading was interesting. I like how the killing curse could only kill one soul, therefore Harry got a choice. But one has to wonder if Voldemort got the same choice…or was he living by Harry’s soul bit alone. The latter is probably true simply because Dumbledore made a huge point in saying how Voldemort’s soul was torn to bits and nearly no existent even with the horacrux.

All in all I’d say that this is a fairy tale well done.

The name of the game is Hurt the Hero!David Gerrold






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