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Can you say busy?

Well I can. With my freelance stuff and various mom duties taking up my time the web page has been pretty neglected. I’m busting my ass to get my latest freelance project done, and then back to the updates.

However website stuff is still being done. I’ve been sending out requested readings, and getting things together behind the scenes. Don’t loose hope yet.

I’m finding an annoyance with Disney. They created a new stereotype, which is currently featured in three of their cartoons: The redheaded smart girl.

Now Disney is a powerful force. They single-handedly changed the stereotype of evil of a pretty young blond woman to one of good. Blond was not the color to be before Disney showed up.

So now we have this girl, young, overly smart and obsessive. She is a redhead, thin, white, with glasses and freckles. Her parents are from Eastern Europe and have “funny” ways. The girl is saddled with an old-fashioned name, large teeth and a brainy attitude.

Ick. I could deal with one character as such, but Disney is pushing it. The Weekenders, The Proud Family and Recess all have this character. It’s driving me a little nuts. :crazy:

I suppose that having Southwestern food on the East coast is like having seafood out here. It’s just not as good. Orson Scott Card’s Qdoba experience shows this. Of course we know it isn’t really Mexican food, but it seems not everyone knows that. Ah well.

Now that Kerry has a running mate, we are forced to listen to the media compare candidates. Some forward-thinking person went to ask Bush about the differences between the two running mates. His answer: “Cheaney could be President!” Um okay, but isn’t the shrub supposed to be? Besides, Edwards could be president too, that’s what they tell you growing up, anyone could.

Last but not least, I’ve finally been hired on permanently. Yah!

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead, Walk beside me, and just be my friend.Unknown






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