I was hit by a migraine last night.

I don’t have many of these and I can’t say what brought it on. I had been outside all day but I kept hydrated. I ate, good meals not just junk.

This comes on the heels of realizing I’m having trouble looking directly at things. I was sitting at the computer working away when I got a cramp in my neck. I realized I was craning my neck up and looking down my nose at things. Now conscious of it I tried to stop and found that looking at things directly hurts. Ever get the feeling that you’ll feel better if you just sit down, that’s how it feels. I just want to look away or close my eyes. I guess my body compensated by changing the way I looked at things. I need another doctor’s visit but insurance is at least 120 days away and I don’t know if it will even cover vision.

I’ve been working on the navigation for the Thoughts section. It’s all set up, so now I just have to update the templates in that section.

I think it’s (IBM is) a pretty disturbing case study into American corporate culture these days. As an anecdote, it also helps explain why our recovery from the Great Recession has included only salary raises for top management while rank-and-file staff, including highly educated professionals, remain under- or unemployed.Matt – Comment Unknown






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