Over Pleased With Myself

I like being a web designer.

I like making pretty things…even if my version of pretty seems to be skewed from everyone else. That’s okay.

But when I take ugly code (which isn’t even pretty words) and do something nice I am always inordinately pleased with myself.

Which totally scares people. Really. This isn’t the first time a client has been about ready to pee their pants when I take their website hostage. It’s not hostage because I’m mean, it’s hostage because they are uninterested in the particulars. I’m pretty open about access to all parties involved. But the way the client puts you’d think I took their only child and threatened to mail them to Aubudabi. Too bad they gave me the stamps, the box and a few dollars for my efforts.

I do get repeat business, funny enough. Those that tend to run away usually never have a website again because they couldn’t handle point and click to begin with, much less a scary website.

Anyway I have all kinds of new admin tools working now in the website I’m messing with. Go me. I’m down to tickets…can’t test it though without the ticket printer.

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2 responses to “Over Pleased With Myself”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    I’d like to point out how I’m being very calm, despite my phone ringing yesterday in the airplane with “I’m not going to get this done!” Umm… OK. just give me what you have… And no, I didn’t forget to turn it off. It literally started ringing the minute I turned it on after we landed… Tequila. Large amounts please.

  2. Michelle Avatar


    Did you every figure out what she was doing?

    I hope a lot of people come Thursday. I’m pretty sure that the demo with sooth the savage beast.

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