I made it on Friday, with time to spare. Almost ran out of gas which led to confusion on Sunday when I did not follow J. home…instead I stopped for gas.

Saturday was the Renaissance Fair. We saw Puke & Snot, which I haven’t seen in years. Of course it was funny. Aia, DLZ and O went on various swing rides, then we parked the boys at the joust so that we could shop.

Not that I bought anything but liquid. We tried to find a hat for O. but she is a picky 3 year old. J. bought Aia a puppet which she adores. He wanted to buy something for me but I couldn’t justify spending the money on anything there.

After chasing kids all day we headed to Sn.’s house for barbecue. D, B, and DLZ went home leaving the husband behind. I sat with the boys and talked politics until K. came home then spend time talking to her while the boys plaid vols to Monty Python.

Aia managed various splinters and even one cat scratch but otherwise had a lot of fun. Sunday we worked on filling up the storage area and cleaning more of J.’s house. That was tiring. Then we went to play pulp. Let me just sum up the pulp game.

“No, the giant apes are riding the dinosaurs. Okay, lets just say giant lizards, cause that sounds less crazy.”

Then I went to the tarot group which turned out was canceled. We had a good chat thought with those who came.

The rest of the night I packed tarot cards and pagan books. I talked to mom a bit, read some of my book on Indian women. I was tired.

Yet I managed to get my two nightstands in the car this morning.

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