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Hello all,

Last November I found myself in charge of the Pagan Book Study yahoo group. As of this Monday this will now be on a forum located at:


If you are interested please join. Our current book is A Witch Alone by Marion Green, we are on chapter 5 but you are welcome to post about any part of the book. Our next book will be To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf which will begin May 1st. Books are voted on by our members. It costs nothing to join but we as that you have read or are reading the book in order to take place in the disscussions on the book. There are forums for general book disscussion, book suggestions, Off topic and past books on the site. You do not have to be reading the current books to join.

The yahoo group is not going away but will become a newletter only list. Which you are welcome to join.

and it rained last night. It was soooo nice. I love the lighting…as a child I would sit on my grandmother’s porch and watch it. It’s been years since a storm has lasted so long in Colorado.

I love the rain.

A robin red breast in a cage puts all heaven in a rageWilliam Blake






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