Okay, I need to go through my closet. I have pants I can’t wear (they fall off). I have shirts that look like a tent on me.

Maybe tonight that’s what I’ll do. Room or clothes, room or clothes?

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So I took them home, cursed and snarled until the perforations-that-weren’t forced me to gut the package like a deer carcass, and I tried out the “quietest pouch” which was indeed so whisper-silent that if I were a ninja, and I was bleeding vaginally, I would accept no other brand. Of course, were I a vaginally-bleeding ninja, I would have bigger problems to worry about. Like the fact that I would likely have forebrain-searing turquoise hair and horrifically inflated breasts.Naamah99
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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Room for 1/2 hour, clothes for 1/2 hour. Or, if that’s not possible, then just clothes.

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