Path to the Hallows 02/22/01

Grail Ten – It seems a summer day, though the grail inhabits the Autumn. A silver chalice sits lone outside a stone tower. Birds…gulls?…fly overhead towards the sea. There are two discernible paths one leading to the tower…the next moving past out to the beach where a small cave sits just before chalk cliffs. There are trees, twisted and wind blown, suggesting that we have left a forest.

Divinitory Meaning: Wholeness; perfection of contentment; fellowship and family; the holiness of the home; peace and happiness; the completion of desire shared by others.

Thoughts: The end of the quest at the beginning? The scene reminds me that this spring, just before midsummers my whole family is going to Cozumel, Mexico for an annaversary celebration. Will a change come there?

Grail Hallow – From the rock springs a young stream, yellow with the afternoon sun. Leaves surround the area as if we have moved futher into the forest. A silver chalice floats above the waters, with a golden emblem of trinity pressed into the metal.

Divinitory Meaning: Fertility; abundance; nurture; spiritual joy; healing; gladness; the emotional faculty; restoration after barrenness.

Thoughts: What fruit is coming to bear? The creative spark within me grows.

Sword Nine – Night has fallen. The wanning moon is overhead and clouds have rolled in. We seem to be following the river through the forest. It runs as a ditch in front of a fort wall, laden with heads of enemies. A floats among the waters, flowers sway in the wind, and one lone tree sits in the background.

Divinitory Meaning: Suffering; grave doubts; guilt; premonitions and nightmares; cruelty; despair; depression; inability to take personal responsibility for one’s path; the need for a disciplined life-style and commitment to logical thought.

Thoughts: I will be starting school again in the fall, trying to finish my degree. Though it excites me, I dread it at the same time. My baby might have to go into daycare…it is not a decision I favor.

Spear Four – We’ve come to a meadow. Day has dawned and the poppies are bright. The path leads to a small village but also continues on back into the forest. A spear with a wreath of flowers tied to it by a red ribbon stands at the beginning? of the path. I have a strong sense of contrary here.

Divinitory Meaning: Completion of an enterprise; a time of festival and celebration; enjoyment of the fruits of one’s labours; harmonious conclusion; acknowledgement of intuitive strength.

Thoughts: So will school go okay? Will I complete it by next summer?

Stone Seven – The clouds have rolled back in, we have reached the plains and a long, low wall stetches across it. A marker stone stands at a crumble in the wall. Which side do I stay on?

Divinitory Meaning: Fruitless speculation; anxiety over efforts; lack of fulfilment; fear of failure; the need to live one day at a time and allow events to unfold.

Thoughts: ::Shiver:: these feelings are simular to those I had after graduating high school. I do not know if could go through it again.

Grail Eight – I seemed to have found refuge. A silver cup spilling red liquid is at the entrance to a stone building. Inside is an altar to a goddess, with two candles lit.

Divinitory Meaning: Discontinuance of plans; withdrawal of energies and desire; self-pity; movement away from old beliefs and values; an overfearful heart; the need to evaluate things from a more universal stand point.

Thoughts: Apparently I can’t. Will I be this lost?

Sword Six – An aspen grove surrounding a river. Is that a mountain range in the distance. It reminds me of where I grew up. A small boat sits on the shore with a sword standing in it.

Divinitory Meaning: Success after trouble; safety and protections; a journey; new perspectives; diffculites and blockages are cleared as a result of perceptive thought.

Thoughts: I can make it, I just have to try. Things like this can get to me but I can make it. It is a mantra. A second wind. What lessons will I have learned?

Grail Queen – A woman stands just inside a cave on the beach…I have come back to the ocean. She stands on a stonework path dress in a purple gown and green cloak, a crown of gold sits upon blond hair. She spills a golden cup of red liquid creating five streams.

Divinitory Meaning: She is intuitive and sympathetic, her compassionate nature embraces all; she imparts the gifts of love to all who encounter her; the depth of her emotion marks her as the upholder of the Grail.

Thought: I know no one like this. It seems she should be older. A mentor perhaps?

Stone Hallow – Deep in a cave a black and white stone checker board sits. It is dark beyound.

Divinitory Meaning: Wisdom; spiritual treasures; consolidation and establishment; attainment; fulfilment; prosperity; the faculty of sensation or instinct; mother-wit.

Thoughts: What will she teach me? What will I learn from her?

Stone Two: At the end of my journey I emerge in a winter landscape. Evergreen bushes and trees follow a frozen river into the bare mountains. A black stone sits beside the river bank.

Divinitory Meaning: Fluctuation; integrity and scrupulosity cause tardy beginnin to projects; over-prudence; the ability to keep several things in the air; careful choice; instinctive weighing up of values.

Thoughts: All things begin and end with change. I seemed to have found a balance in life. A way to deal.

This is the layout in which I put the cards, starting from left to right. It reminds me of three things, a lighting bolt, a bird and a foot.

Apparently somebody doesn’t know about the big ass tile named “Desktop”Mike Kelly – Referring to Cries that Windows 8 is Dead.






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