Path to the Hallows

This will officially begin this summer….but prep starts now.

Sword seven
I start out lost on the path already…true enough between writing, dieting and various pagan activities I continuously stray far. The river in the picture reminds me how hard a path on water is to tread.

Sword Ten
A decision so early on the path? I know from my last quest for the hallows that the time is longer than I first realize. I will not make assumptions this time. Shall I go into the house or stay outside?

Spear Two
I feel as if this card says I will make the right choice…it is a habituated path…

Spear Four
Further into town…a party card.

Grail Two
Partnership…this path so far is not a lonely one.

Grail Three
Another party card. One to share will all.

Spear Six
Is this vindication? Is this truly victory? It seems lonely there.

Spear Five
I’ll have to take a step back here…it tells me not to glory in victory.

Sword Three
Who will I loose here? Or will it be a what? I will have to be prepared to let go.

Stone Eight
Preparation? Is that what I need here?…it seems this quest will end with me prepare? For what…who must shape me?

When the long tally is added, it will be seen that the British nation and the English-speaking world owe far more to the vices of John than to the labours of virtuous sovereignsWinston Churchill







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