Peon to the Would-Be-King: My visit to a McCain meeting.

We got the opportunity to go to the McCain town hall today in Denver. It was fun, informative and just a little crazy.

As my boss put it: It was fun to watch the folks that had drunk the kool-aid.

The place was packed with various Republican candidates and fans. Some notables: Bob Lane; Lady in the blue coat trying to turn folks away because she was scared of the line; two bald secret service guys who could be twins; Bob Schaffer who shook my hand but of course he shook everyone’s hand; a George Lily not the George Lily; Jake Jabs sans tiger; some local congress lady who had a name similar to a Jamaican fruit and McCain even.

Nothing new was really said. McCain does not want to be in Iraq for 100 years but would like to setup the same deal we have with Korea. He’s all about free speech and publicly stated that he wants to hear dissenting opinions and he did. He never answered ANY how questions.

At the end he walked a bit and shook hands. He was surprisingly humble but had no real hope to offer. He said good things (he did NOT blame the bridge on earmarks Huffington Post…weren’t you paying attention?) but some of it just seemed wish thinking…such as GAP insurance for those that can’t get insurance either because of money or condition.

I do show up in one Daily Camera photo though:

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