Permission to Reincarnate Sir! or Insanity seems to follow me around in large quantities.


I got my car back! Yeah! It’s all shiney again…and will be more so once I get the windshield replaced. D’oh! The insurance companies are still trying to sort through the mess. I don’t know when I’ll hear anything.

Last night a man came to our door and told me to do something about our dogs..that they bark at all hours. I told him he was mistaken…it’s not our dogs…they are not left out when we are not home or when we are sleeping. He then threatened me by saying that if we didn’t do something he would and that he does this all the time. I told him that he can’t threaten us. This happened on 8-7-2007. Considering every house on that side as at least 1 dog but most have more and the family with 4 dogs leaves them out all night and they all bark…I think he’s picking on us because we are the only house that has a fence you can see though. Yes the dog was barking when he showed up…Dagny is trained to bark when a stranger comes to the door. Whinnie just gives in to peer pressure.

China now requires that a person ask permission to reincarnate. The is mainly directed at the Dali Lama…but damn…since when did they go back to Emperor as God? That’s so 1910.

As far as Senators and Reps go for Colorado…I want them all fired except for Udall and DeGette. They at least had the balls to vote against FISA. We need to to get Allard and Salazar out of the Senate. The fools.

Speaking of fools there is this wonderful take of a white man so afraid of black men that he offered the first random one he found $20 and a blow job to leave him alone. Too bad the black man was an undercover cop and the white man was Florida state Legislator Bob Allen. I think we can all agree that Bob Allen is officially insane.

Get a feedback loop and listen to it.Randy Pausch




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