Porfolioness the ultimate RMD

Well now who’d a thunk it?

If you head over to the gallery you’ll see I managed to get a picture up in the Abstracts section. I’ve finally got around to updates again. The downloads are not set up yet, but they will have to be on a different site for now since the script does not accept html linking. If you know how to fix it tell me. I’m still a novice at php.

Oh before some yells “Ah Ha!” I’m not above dinking in a script…but it should work as advertised, which phpportfolio does. I’m trying to get it to do something that is not supported in the documentation. That is different than promising something that the script does not do.

Where was I?

Oh yes, one image is up. I’m working on the rest.

I mentioned a web comic in a previous post. Don’t get excited, it’s probably more than a year away. Though the idea has been fermenting for about year (i.e.: story, background, plot, and two so far nameless main characters) I still have lots to do before even a snippet shows. I do have a file for it though.

Writers: Looking for an outline/notes program? Try this: http://www.tranglos.com/free/keynote.html

Keynote is great! I used it for all my writing projects, when I’m doing anything related to story (world-building, writing exercises and daily writing). I keep the main story in a word file that transfers to my Dana or my Treo, but this is great to do the daily and building and keep it all in one file, which I can refer to as I type in word. I still use note cards for world/character details but this keeps all my outlines, scene notes, and provides a space to type that keeps me from rewriting the rest of the story. I use it for various projects too.

BTW: It’s free.

I’ve been practicing with painter. So far it is going well. I have very unsteady hands so it takes a bit for me to do anything worthwhile. I am very happy with the new interface, everything is so much easier for my brain to use.

I’ve pretty much stopped watching TV for the summer. The networks just realized they could have a summer season too…I don’t know about you but I remember there is a season called summer even if they don’t…but nothing sounds good. So I’ll wait for the ever-shrinking fall line up. Most of my shows have ended or been taken off the air. All I have left is Gilmore Girls; I might pop in to see if Enterprise has gotten interesting (though I haven’t been into Star Trek since DS9, the story line was too good for me to go back to aimless wandering), and then ER and finally Judging Amy. I lost interest in Smallville (make Lana go away please!). Who knows what will fill the fantasy/sci fi void now? The best shows usually get taken off the air too fast. I’m tired of rich people dramas, lawyer dramas, and various rich kid dramas. I grew out of sit-coms, I’m not interested in the which-kid-got-raped-this-week police dramas. SG-1…too convoluted for my taste. Any suggestions? I need to save money and get into netflix. News shows just pissed me off (is it a requirement for journalists to act surprised at everything…or do they just do too much cocaine to remember what they used to do stories on? Maybe they should quite hiring kids who did not pay attention to the world until they turned thirty.)

Or maybe they should check all hair for blond roots.

Then of course they should all shut it if they don’t have anything else to say. They are not there for their opinions in a general newscast. They only have to say, “The plane went down,” once, we don’t’ need to hear it thirty times if that’s all they got.

This is why I don’t watch the news. Rampant mindless distraction is not my thing.

Wait…isn’t that what I’m doing? Okay, (I can hear my husband laughing), I confess to being a RMD.

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