So I started calling debt consolidation non-profits this week. I’ve been down this road before and have been told that I cannot be helped.

No one wants to help you out of good debt (like no one wants to help you not eat the pudding). But now I have two credit cards (not maxed) and over 30k in medical bills on top of car loan, a second mortgage and all the regular bills things are looking grim.

I’m glad to say I found a company that, for the payment I currently make to one credit card, I will be able to get out of debt in 3 years. Of course I’m assuming my house will be sold by then. I know my car will be paid off by then. I’ll save about 400$ a month this way.

Breathing feels good right now.

All your life you are told the things you cannot do. All your life they will say you’re not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you’re the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. THEY WILL TELL YOU NO, a thousand times no, until all the no’s become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.

And you will tell them yes.Nike Ad






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