Potter Mad

The reports are in.

I’m going to see Harry Potter tomorrow, but so far the consensus says, if you read the book you’ll like it and you’ll find it too dark if you haven’t.

Then the read the book. The last director did the series a great injustice by cutting all the darkness, angst and fear, especially from the second movie. It seriously jeopardized the ability for the story to move forward. For those that haven’t read the books and don’t like this movie because of the darkness…I’m sorry to tell you this but it gets worse.

The only gut-wrenching reviewer moment is in today Denver Post where the moron writing the column lists what he’d like to see in future movie, mostly nonsense about New York quidditch sweeps.

Oh here’s another downer for those that haven’t read the books (upper for me, quidditch is fun but overrated in the movies), quidditch is going buh-bye during the next two books.

Moral: Read.

Okay I can jump off the high horse now. Had to vent a little. Harry Potter was all over the radio stations this morning and since our selection of DJ’s here in Denver run low on the intelligence scale (there are a handful of intelligent DJ’s but mostly they are told to shut up by their moron counterparts) it just contributed to my road rage.

Since the beginning of November I’ve been low on the creativity scale. I few pics, a lot of writing but really I haven’t been doing much of anything. Now however, I am ready.

Part of my working process is being organized. I cannot function without a high level of organization. So last night I reorganized my computer. I’ve gotten my bags separated into dnd, writing and art, and daily purse. Now I just have to the hurdle the last of the unpacking: my craft and sewing supplies! Then I can paint and sew as well!

However the organization has really gotten me going. I’m writing all the time, the website is being updated and tonight I will be working my way through some Bryce files I put aside last year!

Plus I went ahead and upgraded to Painter 8. I’ve been working with Painter for a while now but I could never get past the interface enough to use it other than a stress reliever. I’ve been collecting Painter 8 tutorials and I think that all will change.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a web comic. I won’t give up the details, its still fermenting.

Well I’ve updated a few more pages. I’ll see what I get done tonight…I kind of want a nap. 🙂

For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost.
For the want of a shoe, the horse was lost.
For the want of a horse, the rider was lost.
For the want of a rider, the battle was lost.
For the want of a battle, the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.
John Gower (first written version)






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