Prince Caspian

This weekend we saw Prince Caspian.

The reviewers seemed to have panned it. My take? They didn’t get it.

The works of C.S. Lewis each contain their own theme. If you’re a fan of M. Night Shaymalan then you know what I’m talking about. LWW was about fighting evil.

Prince Caspian is about Faith.

It’s not about Aslan Part Deux, it’s not about whose the next bad ass. Folks need to get off the speed.

It was a wonderful movie.

I’m re-reading the book now. So far…the movie took out the bit about Caspian’s childhood, updated the dialog and made the dwarf less jolly. Not bad at all actually.

On the diet front…I spent some time at Wild Oat/Whole FoodsIt still says Wild Oats, but the bags say Whole Foods. I managed to find Naan, baguettes, and tortillas in whole wheat form. I grew up on whole wheat…I don’t mind it, it just takes extra effort to find.

I got some Stevia…for tea and such. I haven’t tried it yet. I had to by the most expensive brand because everything had added sugar. How stupid is that? You don’t add sugar to a sugar substitute.

You’ve got Slayer problems. That’s a bad piece of luck. Do you know what I find works real good with Slayers? Killing them.Spike


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