Proactive Week 3 – Charging More Money

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

  • Their lotion, mud mask, cleanser and toner are useless. Use any other brand (Olay is much nicer to my skin).
  • Customer Service will lie to you. Just keep calling back till you get someone who will work with you.
  • The key is getting medication with benzoyl peroxide in it. You can get this at Walmart. Then put it all over your face in the morning and at night after toner before lotion.
  • They will continually charge your account if you order from them. You will have to all multiple times to get them to stop. They charged me again today even though I canceled my account.

So far they are claiming that the package was not sent on the 18th (first charge) but on 24th (second charge). The rep claimed that the first should come off my account. Their website changed to show an order (no details or ID) going out today. If I look at past orders it says I have none, not even the original order. The only thing I have is a message from PayPal (two actually) which state they have holds on my account which are waiting for Proactive to activate.

Next week I plan on asking for a supervisor.

We are working on the mystery of the self here. How can you find yourself by working someone else’s self?MJN







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