Proactive Week Two – a Sucktastic Week Two

Week two of using Proactive brought some bad and some worse. First, like all acne products, it warns it may dry out your skin if you use it with other products. Apparently, this includes with itself because it has dried out my skin completely and very painfully.

I’ve pretty much decided I wouldn’t order more then I got a nasty surprise.

Proactive charged my account again.

Web site help, as it turns out, cannot access my account. The email address that they give for customer service on the Paypal invoice is a fake address. The first time I called, I got a woman who refused to help me without the order number. I didn’t have an order number since I didn’t order anything. The person claimed my address wasn’t in the database. She then tried to hang up with me. I told her that she needed to look again and she refused. So I hung up telling her I plan to cancel my account.

Knowing how customer service works, I called back to get a different rep. This woman was much nicer and pulled up my account immediately. Turns out I was signed up for an ongoing program. They sent me a package yesterday and all I can do is send it back and get my money back then less shipping. I had her cancel my account. I had to ask several times to have it cancel and just in case, I better call back as soon as I get that package.

So verdict. It works on acne but totally dried out my skin. Overall customer support sucked.

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