Procrastination, My Friend

So I finally got a good name for Lukaus…he’s now Ryer. Now I’m staring at the empty page that is Scene 5 of Chapter 6. Ronyn still needs a new name.

I’m still trying to work out the writing every day part. I dusted of the Dana and well here’s to hoping that I can write a scene a day. That should be a good goal.

Early this year I gave a list of things that I would like to do every day. I already do the litter box. Finally, I’ve accomplished another on the list:


I’m now doing the tread mill every week day. That’s 1-2 miles every day. Now if I can get back to yoga on weekends, meditation, and writing.

Something else I have not done in months is paint. No not painting…I’ve got a new flower study to put up btw. Digital Oils, large canvas. I really like it. Digress…Miniature Painting.

Photos will have to come later.

I decided I should really be doing more of this. I have a ton that would be so cool to paint. Last weekend a friend gave me one of his to paint. So it begins.

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