Pros beat Cons in any Saturday Matinee.

Yeah, sure.

My partner quit at work.  Now it’s just me.  The pres took me aside to “quell rumors of his nasty plan to drive us away”.  I gave it straight, but gave him an earful as well.  My life will be harder at work, but I had the option of moving out the hallway.  In the interest of not making enemies, I chose to stay.  Work should be interesting.

I’m still looking but for now, I’ll be okay.

Thursday was bad enough with the running out of the gas thing too.  That was a fun walk in high heels.  Life is just being there.

I’m trying to work out a schedule for writing.  I need to get more in.  Writing a work is near nil right now.  We need longer days.

Suffer the writer.

It seemed a crime against the universe to let a man die who would fight a duel using a bagpipe.Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith







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